Duas For Me And My Family


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** This book is seconds and is on clearance due to a minor issue: 1 page is missing. This does not affect the overall quality or feel of the book. Get a bargain! 

This book provides du'as for children to learn. It is a nice book as it contains illustrations alongside to aid in the understanding and learning of each du'a. 

The great feature of this book is that the du'as are written in :

  • Arabic,
  • the English transliteration (of the Arabic) 
  • and their meaning in English 

Thus, making it easier for children to pronounce.

Du'as included: 

  • Upon sleeping & waking up 
  • Entering/exiting the toilet 
  • Going up & down stairs 
  • Wearing new clothes 
  • Eating & Drinking 
  • Sneezing 
  • Visiting the Sick 
  • Increasing knowledge
  • When in distress or pain 
  • When feeling scared/endangered 
  • Dua for your parents 
  • Dua for the new moon 
  • Entering and Exiting the mosque 
  • Thanking people

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