The Dua Journal: Quran Journal for 365 days of Reflections


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A reflection journal for taking your relationship with the Qur'aan to the next level. 

With 365 days of hand-picked verses for reflection, The Quran Journal is the perfect way to start building a deeper connection with the book of Allah. Cultivate a daily relationship with the Qur'aan in this flexible, easy-to-use and overwhelm free journal.


  • Elegant black softcover
  • Handpicked verses
    • Each day features a carefully selected verse on a number of themes, i.e. forgiveness, dhikr, Jannah, angels and more
  • Space for reflection
    • Sections include tafsir, reflection, and dua related to the verse you are studying
  • Flexibility
    • Undated pages with plenty of space make it easy to customize your Quran Journal to your needs
  • Days covered: 365

How to use this journal: 

  • The Quran is the foundation of our faith and the source of our guidance as Muslims, but many of us struggle to create or maintain a relationship with the words of Allah in our daily lives.
  • Quran journaling is a great way to cultivate that relationship -it gives us the flexibility to connect with the Quran on our terms and the ability to see how verses apply specifically to us and our individual circumstances.
  • This journal will be your guide on that journey to connect with the Quran in a meaningful way. With relevant themes and selected verses for each day, this journal will help you to get started creating that relationship, without the overwhelm of not knowing where or how to start.
  • Make the intention that the 365 daily verses in this book will be your starting point on a lifelong journey to connect with Allah’s words in ever deeper and more meaningful ways. That they will be your reminders when you feel like you have wandered off the path. That they will be your foundation and your grounding in a world that seems ever more hectic. Bismillah 
  • The Quran Journal comes with a free membership to an exclusive Facebook group

    • Private Facebook group
    • Share your journey
    • Receive support and inspiration from others
    • Learn and grow together!

About the Author

The Dua Journal stands for empowering Muslim women to be their best selves and live their most fulfilled life by taking time out each day for prayer, gratitude and reflection.
The Dua Journal provides valuable products to the Muslim community. They strive for the highest quality, from the content inside of each journal to the paper, binding and cover on the outside. 

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