The Dua Journal: A Ramadan Planner


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How do you maximize the blessings and barakah of the month of Ramadan?
This beautiful planner has the structure and space for you to take inventory of your faith, worship, character and life to guide you through a spiritual journey during the month that is better than a thousand months.

Commit to the enrichment of your soul by crafting your most intentional & connected Ramadan yet! 

All-inclusive spiritual journey 

70 pages of reflection in every area of faith to renew intention and grow in worship, character, and in life.

A complete guide to planning

Stay present and organized this Ramadan with monthly, thirds, and daily planning.

Intentional goal setting

Navigation for checking in, resetting, and establishing goals to keep momentum. 

Elevate your Ramadan!

The first section is for TAKING INVENTORY.

With dedicated pages on various areas of faith and worship, this section includes hadith, Quran verses, and guided questions to help you reflect on where you are, how you can improve, and begin to set strong intentions for the upcoming month.

This is the tool for you to pave the path to realignment, fulfilment and a sense of
grounding and connectedness to Allah. 

It includes:

  • Establishing an intentional routine
  • Guidance on dua for the Night of Power
  • Ibadah ideas for qiyam
  • Recipe cards for suhoor and iftar
  • Planning for menstruation
  • Dhikr with translation
  • Psycho-spiritual benefits of fasting

The second section is for PLANNING.

Now that you took inventory and renewed your intention, this section is dedicated to helping you create your detailed plan for the month of Ramadan. It takes into account both long-term planning (whole month and beyond) and short term, daily planning.

It includes:

  • Monthly spread
  • Habit and ibadah tracker
  • 3 goal setting pages before every 10 days
  • 3 reflection pages after every 10 days
  • 30 days of daily spreads with 2 pages per day
  • Section for Eid planning
  • A dedicated section for planning beyond Ramadan

This undated journal can also be used outside of Ramadan to stay accountable.

156 pages

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