The Evolution of Fiqh (Islamic law and the Madh-habs)


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Darul Hijrah's highly recommended read!

In The Evolution of Fiqh: Islamic Law & the Madh-habs, Dr Bilal Philips presents a brief yet clear overview of the historical development of Islamic law and its schools of jurisprudence (the madhhabs). This authentic Islamic book on fiqh identifies the main reason for the appearance of the madhhabs and the factors leading to their differences. 

For those to whom the madhhabs have been a mystery, this aspect of the book will be extremely enlightening. Although the author sheds light on both the positive and negative roles of the madhhabs in the past, the main message of the book is a call to the understanding of logistic differences (with an aim to remove them where possible) and a proposal for the unification of the madhhabs. 


"In this book the author presents the subject in such an attractive and lucid manner that I could not part from it once I started reading it, finishing it in one sitting." 

- M. M. Abdul Cader, former Supreme Court Judge, Sri Lanka

 "What makes this book stimulating are the perceptive and penetrating questions that Abu Ameenah raises... The book is important as it draws the Muslims' attention t self-criticism that is long overdue." 

- Dr Abdur Rahman Doi, Muslim World Book Review, volume 10


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Author: Dr Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips
Format: Hardback
Pages: 208
Publisher:  IIPH (International Islamic Publication House) 
ISBN: 9789960981307
Dimensions: 15 x 22 x 1.5cm

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