5 Pillars of Islam: Set of 5 Books to Learn About the 5 Pillars!


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The 5 Pillars Collection will enrich your child’s understanding of all the pillars of Islam, in sha allah!

The collection contains: 

1. Shahada [Faith] Activity Book 

2. Zakat [Charity] Activity Book

3. Prayer [Salah] Activity Book

4. Ramadan [Sawm] Activity Book

5. Hajj & Umrah Activity Book

Each book has fun puzzles, activities and educational information! The information has been peer-reviewed by respected scholars and teachers with 10+ years of experience.  

This booklet set goes hand in hand with My Salah Mat Interactive Kids Prayer Mat. 

Size: 27cm x 21cm x 3cm per book.

5 books in total

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