Conquests of the Sahabah (2 Volumes) Futuh Al Sham


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English translation of Futuh al-Sham, the inspiring history of the Sahabah's conquest of ash-Sham (which today includes Syria, Lebanon, Palestine Jordan, and other parts of Arabia, Iraq and Turkey) as narrated by the great historian al-Imam al-Waqidi. Events only briefly mentioned in other works are dealt with in detail here.

The strategies of Khalid ibn al-Walid, the piety of Abu Ubaydah ibn al-Jarrah, the bravery of Dirar al-Kindi and many more are vividly described. This work also sheds light on lesser known aspects of Islamic history such as the significant role of women and Roman princes who embraced Islam.

English rendering by Maulana Sulayman al-Kindi of South Africa. 
Good translation of a great historic classic.

About The Author

Al-Imam al-Waqidi, the great historian, was born at the beginning of 130 Hijri in al Madinah, where he began his studies. He migrated to Iraq in 180 Hijri during the reign of Mamun ar-Rashid. There Yahya al Barmaki welcomed him due to his great learning and he was included as one of Mamun's elite. He was soon appointed as judge and held this post until his death in 207 Hijri.

Author: Al-Imam al-Waqidi
Translator: Maulana Sulayman al-Kindi
Format(s): Hardback
Pages: 1060
Publisher: ZamZam Publishers
Published: 2011
Dimensions: 244 x 168 x 38 mm
ISBN10/ISBN13: 9789695830758

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