Let's Think About... Allah's Daily Blessings


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There are blessings from Allah in every day and every night, we just have to see them.

Part of the “Let's think about” series.

Let's Think About... Daily Blessings gets children thinking about the world in which they live.

We often take for granted the daily blessing that Allah gives us, from the bright sun that lights up our world like a lamp, to the clouds that gives us rain and the night as a time to rest. Allah has made the changing of night into day as an opportunity for us to reflect and think about these blessings.

There are blessing from Allah in every day and every night, we just have to see them.

There are four new easy to read titles in the Let's Think About... series. All with simple to read text and beautiful illustrations to attract young minds.

The notes to teachers and parents section provides a list of points to consider and questions to ask as you read along. This allows for the young readers to receive the maximum benefit from the books, whilst enjoying them.

Author: Ali Gator
Format: paperback
Pages: 23
Publisher: Ali Gator
ISBN: 700600856419
Dimensions: 21 x 21 cm

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