MAQDIS, the Noble Quran - with Word-by-Word English translation and Colour Coded Tajweed


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Back in stock June 2022, in sha Allah!

Formerly known as MAQDIS Quran, now renamed by the publisher to "The Noble Quran". This is a brilliant Quran to learn tajweed. It is also excellent for learning the meaning of Arabic words! 


  • Large A4 size Quran 
  • Hardcover for added protection 
  • Word by word English translation of each Arabic word
  • Colour coded tajweed rules with tajweed keys at bottom of each page and in the bookmark 
  • Quran translation included on each page ( a reputable translation by Dr Muhsin Khan)  
  • Uthmani Arabic script 
  • Authentic ahadeeth included 
  • Al-Quran language dictionary also included

Approved by the Department of Islamic Development of Malaysia (JAKIM) and the Malaysian Ministry of Home Affairs (KDN).

It needs to be remembered that not all English literal translations (of Quranic Arabic words) represent the exact meaning of the word. This is because the Quran uses varied Arabic language styles and sometimes metaphors. Thus one Arabic word used in one place may mean something else to that used in another part of the Quran. Furthermore, the Arabic language is so rich that many Arabic words have no exact English translation to match them. For this reason, a lot of the depth and true meaning of the Arabic Quran is somewhat lost in English translations. 

Accordingly, to fully understand the intended meaning of the word or verse, Dr Muhsin Khan’s Quran translation has been included in this edition. However, to comprehend more of the meaning of the Quran, reading the commentary (tafsir) of the Quran from trusted scholars would be highly recommended.

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