Pearls from the Flood: Select Insight of Shaykh al-Islam Ibrahim Niasse


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About The Book

This book contains select speeches, letters and talks given by Islams greatest luminary and scholar after the 20th century, Shaykh al-Islam al-Hajj Ibrahim Niasse. It is an indispensable guide for the aspirant and student of the Knowledge of God.

From The Back Cover: Love for the sake of Allah is a tremendous affair. I bear witness to you that I love you all for the sake of Allah, and that you love me for the sake of Allah. Surely Allah the Blessed and Exalted has servants that He will shade on the Day when there will be no shade except His shade. He will shade them beneath the shade of His throne. There are seven types of such servants: the just imam; a youth who develops in obedience to Allah the Blessed and Exalted; a person whose heart remains attached to the mosque from when he leaves it until he returns to it; a man who refuses the invitation of a beautiful woman, saying, "I fear Allah"; a man who remembers Allah freely until his eyes overflow with tears; a man who gives in charity secretly with his right hand so that his left is not aware; and two persons who love each other for the sake of Allah the Blessed and Exalted. Love is the easiest of these characteristics to have, and it is the best. A man is with whom he loves, and who loves a people gathers with them. As the Messenger said, "Surely a man is with whom he loves." Anas said, "We were never so happy in Islam as the day the Messenger said, 'A man is with whom he loves.' And I bear witness that I love the Messenger of Allah, and I love Abu Bakr and 'Umar." Praise be to Allah, we also love them. We love a man when we come to realize he is not of the people of the Fire. The statement, "a man is with whom he loves" is the highest hope we have for ourselves and for our loved ones.

- Shaykh al-Islam Ibrahim Niasse

Author: Zachary Wright
Format(s): Paperback
Pages: 218
Publisher: Fayda Books
Published: 2015
Dimensions: 216 x 140 x 13 mm
ISBN10/ISBN13: 9780991381395

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