The Noble Quran (Arabic/English) Large size


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A beautiful, large-sized, hardback Quran. Arabic and English translation side by side. Printed by one of the most authentic Islamic publishers: Darussalam. 


  • Size: 17 x 24cm
  • Hardback, high-quality mus'haf
  • Arabic text in Uthmani print on the right side and English translation on the left side of every page.
  • Explanation and comprehensive interpretation of the verses (Tafsir) are printed as footnotes at the bottom of the page.
  • This Tafsir is a summarized version of At Tabari, Al Qurtabi and Ibn Kathir and includes relevant comments from Sahih Bukhari.
  • An index of Surahs
  • A list of ayaa (verses) of prostration in the Qu'ran
  • A list of prophets mentioned in the Quran
  • A comprehensive glossary at the back
  • Comprehensive notes at the end related to topics such as:
    • Why Allah sent Prophets and Messengers,
    • Tauhid (Islamic Monotheism),
    • Shahadah – Confession of a Muslim,
    • Shirk and Al Kufr (Polytheism and Disbelief)
    • An-Nifaq (Hypocrisy and its various Manifestations) and
    • A detailed note about both Jesus and Muhammad (peace be upon them) in the Bible and the Quran (Biblical evidence of Jesus being a servant of Allah and having no share in divinity). 

Interpretation of the Meanings of the Noble Quran in the English Language By Dr M. Taqiuddin Al-Hilali & Dr M. Muhsin Khan is a colossal effort undertaken by Darussalam. 

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Arabic Font: Uthmani
Translators: Dr M. Taqiuddin Al-Hilali & Dr M. Muhsin Khan
Format: Hardback - beautiful binding
Pages: 1115
Publisher: Darussalam
ISBN: 010088678821
Dimensions: 17 x 24cm

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