Lessons from Surah Yusuf
This book is a wonderful and easy read.
It describes the wonderful story of Yusuf AS in a detailed yet succinct manner. This story is one of the most beloved and interesting stories of the Qur'An.
The surah begins with the dream of Yusuf AS, where he sees the 11 stars, moon & sun prostrating to him (I have symbolised this with the daisies). This dream is a beautiful symbol that eventually comes true at the end of the story.
The book takes us through the surah, step by step. An arabic verse, along with its english translation is given, followed by a detailed summary (tafseer) of the take home messages from each verse. What I particularly liked is how the author provides snippets of the eloquency of the arabic language to show how Allah SWT has conveyed the story! Subhanallah!
The books works its way through the story with great flow. I found myself unable to put the book down.
It ends with "50 lessons from Surah Yusuf". A summary of morals and learning lessons obtained from the story.
Overall, this is an excellent read. The flow is brilliant, the points discussed are pertinent.
This book is suitable for all adults. I would highly recommend teenagers to read it too.

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