"Allah SWT says: “Man can have nothing except what he strives for” (Surah an-Najm, 53:39).
It has been a bit of a struggle to get Islamic books here in New Zealand. When Darul Hijrah launched I was excited to order books from them. Alhamdulilah, I have been blessed to read some gems from their excellently curated collection. The prices are low, the shipping is fast and reliable and the bookstore gives a personal touch to their packages.
An Islamic bookstore is a privilege as I discovered in the years I have been in New Zealand. I am grateful to Allah for its presence here in the farthest part of the world. People get what they invest in; investing in Islamic books would be a step towards safeguarding an Islamic future for ourselves and our families."
- S. Quadir, student of knowledge and mother, Christchurch 
"I received the books... the kids were jumping up and down so excited that Allah [SWT] has sent them gifts. Jazakillahu [khairan] for starting up such a beautiful service. May Allah allow many, many more to benefit from it." 
- Z. Mohamed, health professional and mother of two, Auckland 
"I am so happy that we have a store like Darul Hijrah available in New Zealand Alhamdulillah. Their beautiful collection made my children excited to buy Islamic books. I bought many useful books and informative quiz boxes from their pop-up stall in Hamilton. They are very helpful with suggestions. May Allah bestow barakah in this venture and provide us with ample resources to gain beneficial knowledge. Ameen" 
- Bareera Ahmed, mother and teacher, Hamilton
 "The sweetest package ever arrived! I ordered books online and I've received a package in just two days with a sweet note and a treat! Thank you Darul Hijrah for the wonderful service."
- H. Farooq, technical services consultant, Auckland


"My haul from Darul Hijrah! So blessed and grateful to have a resource like this. I was able to get a selection of unique books, whose beneficial knowledge will always be at our fingertips for years to come, in sha Allah. Couldn't be more happy!" 
- Dr A.G, health professional, Auckland

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