30 Hadith for Young Muslims (with Fun Activities!)


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30 Hadith for Young Muslims aims to educate children from their tender age with the sayings of our beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ in a fun, colourful and simplified modern approach. Its creative presentation invites readers to grasp the knowledge of the noble hadith and apply them in their lives. 

Unique features of this book include:

  • Each hadith is presented on a one-page spread. It is written in Arabic and in English alongside its reference.
  • This is followed by bullet points of the main lessons learnt from the hadith 
  • Questions are then asked related to the hadith for discussion with the parent/teacher as well as space to write their answers/thoughts 
  • Also includes fun activities

This book makes an ideal teaching tool for parents, teachers and educational institutions. 

All ahadith mentioned are verified and authentic. 

Recommended Age: 7-13 years

Compiled by: Abu Ahmed Farid
Editor: Sakinah Al Habshi
Format: Paperback, with glossy coloured pages
Pages: 94
Publisher: DCB
ISBN: 9789675699450

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