Darul Hijrah, which translates to 'place of migration or refuge', holds a significant place in Islamic history. It is a concept that draws its essence from pivotal events in the life of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and the early Muslim community.

More than 1400 years ago, the first migration of the nascent Muslim community was to Abyssinia, now modern-day Ethiopia, referred to as Habasha in Arabic. In the midst of intense persecution in Makkah, a group of vulnerable Muslims bravely made the decision to seek refuge in this foreign land.

AlMadinatul Munawwarah (The Luminous City, Madinah for short) stands out as the most renowned Darul Hijrah. After over a decade of persecution in Makkah, the divine decree to 'migrate' was heeded. This pivotal migration began a new chapter of prosperity and growth for the Muslim community. 

Hijrah goes beyond the act of relocating physically. It is a spiritual commitment to follow Allah's commandments. It emphasizes the significance of steering clear of anything prohibited by Allah, whether through our actions, words, or deeds. In essence, hijrah symbolizes a deep commitment to pursue a better and righteous way of life, embracing new opportunities, and aligning our path with what pleases Allah.

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