Darul Hijrah دار الهجرة means 'place of migration or refuge'.

To understand this meaning better, let's go back in history. If we look at the seerah (the life of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ), the first place of refuge for the Muslims was Abyssinia (modern day Ethiopia). Following persecution in Makkah, a group of Muslims who were most vulnerable made the tough decision to migrate to Abyssinia (Habasha in Arabic).

The next Darul Hijrah for the nascent Muslim community was Madinah al Munawwara (Madinah is the Arabic word for 'city'). After over a decade of persecution in Makkah, the divine decree had finally come to 'migrate'. The migration to Madinah began a new era in the seerah; a time of prosperity and growth for Muslims.

Darul Hijrah has many meanings for us. It symbolises the struggle migration entails - moving to a foreign place. It also signifies the new horizons migration may hold for the migrator. A lot of the Muslims in New Zealand have migrated at some point, whether it be 5 years ago or 500. New Zealand is thus a place of migration but also a place of new opportunities (akin to Madinah).

Our du'a (prayer) for you is: as you open a new book from our store, may its pages migrate you to new places, new horizons and new ways of thinking.

Ameen :)