30 Azja (Para) Set of the Quran with Colour Coded Tajweed


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Features of this 30 book Quran Set:

  • Arabic text in Urdu/Indopak Arabic Font 
  • 30 books in total (1 for each juz/para)
  • Good, large size at 18 x 24cm per book
  • Large font size - 9 lines per page. Ideal for children, new learners of the Qur'aan and people with vision difficulties. 
  • Colour coded tajweed
  • Tajweed Key found at the bottom of each page 
  • Tajweed rules and explanations are found at the front and back of each of the 30 books. (Bonus: Rules are in both Urdu and English!) 
  • Glossy pages 

Comes packaged in a beautiful gift box!

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Arabic/English: Arabic
Arabic Font: Urdu Font
Page quality: Glossy paper
Lines per page: 9
Format: Paperback
Pages: ~60 pages per juz book
Publisher: Qudratullah
ISBN: R#247
Dimensions: 18 x 24 x 0.3cm (per para/juz) -30 books in total. 

Please note: There may be minor imperfections of the Qur'aan on the outside. Inside it remains immaculate and easy to read, in sha Allah. 

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