A Priceless Princess


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" A Daughter is an everlasting treasure, a priceless gift".

As time goes on, our girls will grow up and start to lead their own lives. They will encounter many challenges throughout their journey in this world, but with the help of useful reminders and lasting knowledge, one can stay on the righteous path of Islam.

A daughter is an Everlasting treasure, a priceless gift from Allah. A priceless Princess is an essential collection of notes from a mother to her daughter. It details the journey of life as a Muslim in a modern and engaging way that is easy for young girls and children to understand.

With direct passages from the Quran and Hadith, this book can also be used as a guide for parents and Islamic educators alike.

Author: Dr. Nasiroh Omar
Format: Paperback
Pages: 75
Publisher: DCB
Published: 2019
ISBN: 9789675699559
Dimensions: 21.4 × 15 cm

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