A Remarkable Ramadan

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Here comes Ramadan!
A remarkable month to plan.
As we see the moon from afar,
we shall recite du’a and adhkar.

A Remarkable Ramadan’ is a board book with beautiful illustrations to introduce the du'as of Ramadan to our children. 

Make this Ramadan a remarkable moment for your little ones! 

Du'as included: 

  • Du'a for when Ramadan is approaching 
  • Du'a for entering the mosque 
  • Sending Salawaat (blessings) on Prophet Muhammad SAW 
  • Du'a for Opening the Fast
  • Du'a for Laylatul-Qadr 
  • Eid Takbiraat 
  • Du'as are sourced from verified ahadith.
  • They are written in Arabic, transliteration and with the English meaning. 

Recommended Age: 3 - 10 years 

Author: Najibah Nasruddin 
Format: Boardbook
Pages: 12
Publisher: Tertib
Dimensions: 16 x 16 x 1cm
ISBN: 9789672420682

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