Ali Ibn Abi Talib (Age of the Rightly Guided Caliph Series)


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Ali Ibn Abi Talib (RA) is the fourth volume in the History of Islam (Age of the Rightly Guided Caliphs) series by Darussalam.

This interesting book on the caliphate ofAli Ibn Abi Talib (RA) speaks a lot more about his life through the illustrations, maps and pictures it provides.

This book is about the last of the four rightly guided caliphs, Ali ibn Abi Talib and it explains all his qualities and achievements as the leader of the Islamic Empire.

Divided into five very detailed chapters with pictures, illustrations and detailed maps, it highlights all important events that happened in the life of Ali ibn Abi Talib (RA).


  • The first chapter of this book introduces the fourth caliph of Islam to the readers,
  • the second chapter highlights his achievements in Medina,
  • the third chapter details the destruction of Idol Al-Fuls,
  • the fourth explains his caliphate, and
  • the fifth informs the readers about the succession of the Islamic Caliphate.

History of Islam Series:

This unique series of books is developed to provide Muslim youth with authentic information about the history of Islam and its glorious days. Our past, present, and future are interconnected and interdependent. Therefore, knowing and understanding our history is essential.

Darussalam presents the entire History of Islam to our youth in a language that appeals to them. in a simple yet lucid manner. The first four volumes in this series explore Islamic history during the period of the first Four Rightly Guided Caliphs Later volumes would be devoted to the History of Islam, down through the ages to modern times, in sha Allah.

Author: Abdul Aziz
Format: Hardback
Pages: 174
Publisher: Darussalam
ISBN: 9786035000796
Dimensions: 17 x 24cm, 580g

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