Alone, But in the Company of Your Lord


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Drawing inspiration from the personal trials she faced when going through a divorce and nearly losing her faith, Umm Zakiyyah shares the spiritual lessons that taught her to take comfort in spiritual solitude, even when all seems well.

This book supplements the online course Alone, But In the Company of Your Lord, the first course in the Choosing To Love Alone series. Each section of the book corresponds to the course module by the same name and includes a personal soul reflection by Umm Zakiyyah based on the emotional and spiritual lessons she learned in her own life. For each section, there are journal prompts and “Soul Survival Kit” activities aimed at supporting your journey of healing your spiritual wounds, nourishing your hurting heart, cherishing the solitude of your soul by connecting to your Most Merciful Creator, and making sense of your life’s purpose.

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Author: Umm Zakiyyah
Format: Paperback
Pages: 101
Published:  2020
Publisher: Al Walaa Publications
Dimensions: 15 x 23 x 1cm
ISBN: 978-0970766700

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