If I Should Speak (A Novel)


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"Umm Zakiyyah's deft representation of reality in this fictitious novel is astounding" - Gena A Chung, The American Muslim Magazine

"A refreshing exploration of the unavoidable interaction between Muslims and Christians. The novel belongs to a genre worthy of scholarly study." - Professor K. Bryant,  Howard University

The author promises to revolutionize storytelling in this powerful story about three college students, one Christian and the others Muslim, who find themselves unlikely roommates at a small, private American university.

Tamika, the main character of this novel, is of African American heritage. She is a sophomore in college who dreams of becoming a famous singer. After a fight with her roommate, she is forced to move out of her room and ends up living with two Muslims, one who is religious, while the other is becoming discontented with the religion. Tamika is immediately drawn to Durrah, the latter, who shares her love for singing. Durrah is emerging as a successful model and singer in her own right and enjoys a growing level of prominence in her career, which has earned her many admirers, Tamika being one. Captivated by Durrah's magnetic personality, breathtaking beauty, and powerful singing voice, Tamika has found both a friend and mentor in life. As the seeds of friendship are sown between them, the doors of fame are beginning to open for Tamika. But she is unprepared for the one obstacle that stands in her way to success. 

This novel is studied in the English paper for the BA in Islamic Studies at the International Open University (IOU). 

Themes explored in this novel: 

  • African American struggle and racial inequality 
  • Interfaith dialogue between Muslims and Christians 
  • Reverting to Islam 
  • Da'wah (inviting to Islamic faith)

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Author: Umm Zakiyyah
Format: Paperback
Pages: 198
Published: first published 2001, this edition 2020
Publisher: Al Walaa Publications
Dimensions: 14 x 21.6 x 1cm
ISBN: 9780970766700

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