Jamal The Giant and the Largest Lesson

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“Good deeds erase bad deeds” (Quran 11:114)

Jamal the giant has badly behaved for years. The forest creatures and villagers who live nearby are fed up with his antics and are planning something that will rid them of this problem forever.

But Jamal doesn’t like their new idea. Can Jamal make a change for the better just in time? Or is it too late?

An uplifting, sweet story for young hearts about the importance of making amends and improving behaviour through good actions, which can erase bad actions.

Through Jamal the giant, children explore themes of:

  • the power of positive behaviour,
  • mindfulness about our individual actions and
  • caring for our near neighbours.
Author: Mariam Hakim
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Waw Stories
Publication Date: 2021
ISBN: 9781916137127

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