Juz 29 Journal (with Colour Coded Tajweed, Word for Word Meaning, Mini-Tafsir, Hifdh Tracker, Arabic Practice and Quran Journaling)

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The aim of this large, A4-sized, full-colour Juz 29 (Juz Qad Sami'Allah) journal is to enable a child or adult to understand the Quran and form a deeper connection with Allah as a result.

This book is different from other Qur'aan in terms of its layout, presentation and ease of reading (see features below). It bridges that gap by providing a comprehensive colourful tool to improve your knowledge of Arabic - particularly the language of the Quran, reflect upon the book of Allah, and apply it in your lives in shaa Allah. 

This book can also help a parent/teacher track a child’s complete Surah (recitation, memorisation or understanding of the Qur'an), and track their progress Aayah by Aayah. 

SURAH MULK (67) – SURAH MURSALAT (77) : In the 29th Juz of the Quran, the main theme is Allah’s Supreme Power and Authority, our obedience and submission, the difference between truth and falsehood, encouragement towards steadfastness upon the right path, and strong consequences for those who choose the wrong path. The focus is on strengthening our faith. The Aayaat are poetic and deep in their meaning – helping us ponder and reflect. A characteristic of the earliest Surahs of the Makkan period is that they present the entire teachings of Islam briefly so that they are understood easily. The Makkan period was a time when Islam (for the pagan Arabs) was a strange message of submission to an unseen God – a threat to the city’s future (because they used to set up idols of different religions around the Ka’bah in order to welcome international trade). Therefore, the Surahs in this Juz focus on spirituality and strengthening the belief of the oppressed community (Muslims at that time). They provide warnings of the Hellfire and the Day of Judgement to warn the oppressors and wrongdoers. 




☆ COLOURFUL WORD FOR WORD MEANING - The aim is to enable the reader to understand the Quran as well as to improve his/her knowledge of Arabic, particularly the language of the Quran.


MINI TAFSEER - Before the start of each Surah, there's a brief introduction which clarifies the main theme of the Surah for some background context. Every piece of information in the Juz is well-referenced for ease of authentication and cross-checking.

HIFDH/QIRAA'AT TRACKER - It tracks complete tracking of the Surah and Aayah by Aayah. Each Arabic and English translation ends with a dotted tick mark which you can write a date on for tracking hifdh, qiraa'at or tafsir journey.

ROOT-LETTERS EXTRACTION & ARABIC WRITING PRACTICE - with in-depth Arabic meaning through the help of an Arabic dictionary. Only 4 words are chosen out of each Surah to expand Arabic vocabulary one by one - gradually.

REFLECTION SECTION / QURAN JOURNALING - Because the purpose of reading and memorising the Quran is to reflect upon it and apply it in our lives.

ENCOURAGEMENT NOTES (Ahadith) to help kids move forward without getting demotivated bi'idhnillah.

Sheikh Saalim AlAzhari has rechecked this work. 

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Author: AYEINA
Format: Paperback with full-colour pages 
Pages: 300
Publisher: Ayeina
Publication Date: 2020
ISBN: 9781838422103
Dimensions: 21 x 30 x 1.5 cm

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