My Asma ul Husna Journal - For Kids


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My Asma ul Husna Journal is a one-of-kind journal for children to learn and reflect on Allah's beautiful Names!

Features of this journal:

  • The Journal has text boxes for kids to write one name of Allah on each page.
  • A child will learn a new Name of Allah each time they use a page of their journal, as well as ponder its meaning, and thus become more acquainted with their Creator through His Majestic Attributes.
  • The journal was created simple yet effective for children of all ages to use.
  • The design is a bullet journal concept, so your child can decorate their journal pages any way they like to make them colourful and personal.

Purchase a My Asma ul Husna Journal for a special child you know of; start him/her towards a more spiritual journey of learning the 99 beautiful Names of their Lord! 

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Binding: Paperback, with a glossy cover
Pages: 110
Dimensions: 14 x 22 x 0.7cm

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