Qur'an Workbook Series: Surah Al-Mulk


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 Studying any surah of the Qur’an requires many cycles of learning. Different courses, different teachers, and different perspectives always deepen our understanding of the Qur’an over time. What can be challenging though, is keeping track of all the notes.

Everything in one book.

That is the whole idea of this Qur’an Workbook Series.

We seal the knowledge we acquired through ink. Every letter, every doodle is precious when we are passionate in our pursuit to understand the Qur’an. This workbook has ample space to write or draw personal reflections based on the reflection questions provided at every theme-based section within it. A list of learning resources and references is included in the appendix, and there is also a learning tracker page where you can list all of your own learning sources.

If you consider yourself a serious Qur’an learner, then make this workbook your companion material. Over the years, you shall treasure your personal collection and leave a learning legacy. 

Author: Maria Marzuki, Kritika Sharifuddin, Faridah Idris & Putri Shahnim Khalid
Format: Paperback
Pages: 52
Publisher: Tertib 
ISBN: 9789672844068

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