Quran Qaidah / Noorani Qaida / Primer of the Quran


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"Qaidah" is the usually the first book children & new Muslims use to start their Arabic and Quran journey. 


  • Softcover book, light enough to be held by children 
  • Colour coded guidelines of Arabic letter rules 
  • Clear topics organised in the book 
  • Arabic Font: Indopak (please see images) 

Darul Hijrah recommends purchasing the following products along with this Qaidah:


    1. Singular Letter in Alphabetical Order 
    2. Singular Letters in Non-Alphabetical Order 
    3. The Changing Faces of the Letters 
    4. Compound Letters 
    5. Zabar/Fathah - Upper part Vowel Sign 
    6. Nunnation
    7. Zair/Kasrah - Lower Part Vowel Sign 
    8. Paish/Dhammah - Round Vowel 
    9. Double Round Vowel 
    10. Jazm - Quiescency 
    11. Maddah - Long Vowel Sign 
    12. Haroof - i -Leen - Soft Letters 
    13. Abbreviated Letters 
    14. Ikhfaa - Concealment 
    15. Izhaar - Expression 
    16. Iqlaab - Inversion 
    17. Idghaam - Combination 
    18. Noon - e- qutni 
    19. Vertical zabar (Fathah) 
    20. Vertical Zair/Kasrah
    21. Reversed Paish/Dhammah 
    22. Tashdeed (Sign of duplication) - Mushaddid 
    23. Changeable words during Reading and Writing 
    24. Changeable words during conjunction, stoppage and writing 
    25. Selected Surahs included: 
      • Surah Fatihah 
      • Surah Ikhlaas 
      • Surah Falaq
      • Surah Naas 

    Please note: The cover of this book states "audio cassette and CDs" - these are not included. 

    Format: Paperback
    Pages: 64, colour pages
    Publisher: Darussalam
    Dimensions: 17 x 24cm

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