Rituals of a Worshipping Heart

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Rituals of a Worshipping Heart is a captivating exploration of the heart and its essential role in our perception and cognitive response. Through a rich and insightful discussion, the author reveals the virtues and significance of the heart, while also highlighting its potential for corruption and remedy.

The book delves into five heart-related acts of worship that serve as the foundation for all our bodily actions and showcases the inspiring examples of exemplary characters who embody the heart's admirable qualities.

Through an engaging comparison of heart-related acts of worship with those of the limbs, the book underscores the crucial importance of rectifying the heart. The author masterfully weaves together verses from the Qur'an and examples from the Sunnah, providing a rich and inspiring guide for readers seeking to connect with their hearts and deepen their spiritual practice. With its compelling insights, inspiring examples, and practical guidance, this book is sure to become a beloved companion on your spiritual journey.

Author: Dr Muhammad Musa Ash-Shareef
Format: Paperback with a thick cover for added protection
Pages: 182
Publisher: DCB
ISBN: 9789834462642
Dimensions: 14 x 22 cm

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