Scientific Wonders on The Earth and in Space

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Every Prophet had a miracle which he showed to his people and challenged them with. Some of the Prophets even had more than one sign as definite proof that they were sent by Allah; challenging their nations to bring anything similar to it if they denied it. Every sign given to any of the prophets was exclusively meant for his people and when he died, his signs ceased to exist.

However, one such miraculous sign shall remain, complete and preserved with the command of Allah, until the Day of Resurrection. This miracle is the inimitable Qur’an, the everlasting Book of Allah given to Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him). Anyone who lives after the death of this Prophet of Mercy will be able to see it, read it, and realize for themselves the truth that it contains. 

Author: Yusuf Al Hajj Ahmed
Format: Hardback
Pages: 358
Publisher: Darussalam
Published: 2010
ISBN: 9786035000420
Dimensions: 17x24 cm

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