Stories of the Prophets for Kids: Prophet Eesah (Jesus)

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This collection of 15 board books introduces young readers to the Prophets of Islam. Each story is told in rhyme with colour illustrations and images. 

This book is about Prophet Eesah (Jesus) عليه السلام

Features of this series: 

  • Board book (durable) 
  • A glossary of Islamic words used in the story
  • Each book is short enough for children to understand the general story of each prophet 
  • The names of the prophets are written in Arabic and English (e.g. Yusuf & Joseph)
  • Rhyming makes the stories enjoyable to read and easy to remember
  • There are no faces of people or animals depicted in this series

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Author: Moazzam Zaman
Format: Board book
Pages: 20 pages
Publisher: Darussalam
Dimensions: 12 x 20 x 1cm

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