Surah Journey Game: Junior Edition (Revise Juz Amma!)


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Make Quran revision fun with this vibrant board game. This is a double-sided Quran revision board game with 2 levels of play to suit kids of different abilities. It is a fun and engaging way to practice surah Nas to surah Fajr. 

Travel through deserts, mountains and waterfalls and practice reciting surahs along the way. This Quran game helps build confidence and strengthen hifdh of surahs in Juz Amma.

There are two levels of play which makes it the perfect family game. Younger players can practice surah Nas to Asr. Flip over the game board for an advanced game to practice surah Nas to Fajr. Have fun playing, earn rewards by reading the surahs and be the first to claim the treasure!

Quran Revision Games for your Kids

Our Quran game is ideal for parents to use at home and is also great for Islamic schools and madarsahs to use in the classroom. Recommended age for this game is 5+ but younger children can play the game with guidance and supervision if they have memorised all the surahs on the board game. 

Recommended age: 5+

Take a look at the Surah Journey Game for older kids here! (for kids aged 7+)

Product details:

Surahs: Nas to Asr & Nas to Fajr
Number of Players: 2-4
Dimensions: 34X24.5X4cm
Weight: 700g

Game Contents:

• 1 Game Board (Double-Sided)
• 4 Game Counters
• 20 Number Cards
• Instruction Sheet

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