Qur'an with Transliteration, Translation & Tajweed


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This complete Quran comes in beautiful hardback, protective binding and includes: 

Transliteration: English transliteration of the Arabic Quran with added symbols in order to give the same sound as Arabic letters (large-sized font). 
English transliteration makes it easier for the speakers of the English language to read the Quran in the Arabic pronunciation.

Translation: Quranic verses are translated into English and placed on the margins around the Arabic text (small-sized font). Meanings translated by Abdullah Yusuf Ali. 

Tajweed: in Hafs narration

  • Colour-coded letters: to present the tajweed rules, a very good and simple way to learn and apply Tajweed rules.
  • Tajweed rules are explained in detail with helpful illustrations
  • The system of tajweed serves as a guide for improving the recitation of the Quran. It was in this way that the Qur'an revealed to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), as well as the manner in which he recited it. Based on a practical understanding of phonology, letters are colour coded to facilitate the correct recitation of the Quran
  • More Features: 
  • Large-sized transliteration script: extra spaces were added between the words in order to make it easier to read and recite the Quran
  • Permissible stops: long spaces were added at certain places where it is permissible to stop. It helps to avoid stopping at the wrong places or times.
  • A set of useful indexes such as surahs colour index, subject index 

    Tajweed rules:

    • Letters require expanded vocalization, red colour is used to highlight these
    • Letters which are nasalized are green in colour.
    • The dark blue colour indicates the emphasis of the letter (R), the blue colour indicates the unrest letters-echoing sound (qalqala)
    • Letters that are written but are not vocalized are grey in colour 

    Translator: Abdullah Yusuf Ali
    Arabic ScriptOthmani (Script is spaced out, with extra spaces at optional stops)
    Format: Hardcover
    Pages: ~ 665
    Publisher: Dar Al-Ma'arifah
    ISBN: 9789933900205
    Dimensions: 17 x 24cm

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