Tajweed Untangled


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Learn How to Recite Quran Like a Shaykh!

  • Are you embarrassed to recite the Quran in front of others?

  • Do you feel insecure about your Arabic pronunciation?

  • Do you wish you learnt tajweed properly as a child?

 The truth is, tajweed can be learnt by ANYBODY and while it takes practice, it’s certainly not difficult to learn. But you will need crystal-clear instruction to guide you along the way. And that’s what Tajweed Untangled has been designed to do.

  • The book covers all the main rules of tajweed starting from the basics, so you can get started no matter what your level is.

  • The exercises are designed in a way to get you to spot the rules for yourself, so that you can remember them better.

  • The rules are then stated clearly in plain English so you can recall them with ease.

  • There are plenty of practice exercises so you can implement the rules straight away.

  • The layout of the book is spacy and clear so you can make sense of what is sometimes regarded as a hard subject.

In many ways, Learning Roots pioneered clear layouts for books on tajweed. When this book was first released, it set a new standard in the publication of books on tajweed. 

One of the miracles of the Quran is that when it’s recited with tajweed, you can’t tell the difference between a native and a non-native Arab.

If you want to perfect your recitation or that of your child, Tajweed Untangled will guide you to your goal. It is the perfect book to be used in study circles with a teacher.

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Author: Zaheer Khatri
Format: Paperback
Pages: 76
Publisher: Learning Roots
Dimensions: 282 x 208 x 8 mm
ISBN: 9781905516315

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