Teach Your Children To Love The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ


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We need to teach our children to love the Prophet  and to hold fast to the Shari’a and the Sunnah he embodies. 

The Prophet  was a man of tremendous character and an embodiment of the Quran. This book is a brief survey of some of the aspects of his character and it is hoped that our children will find them as a real historical example to follow. It is also hoped this book will deepen their love for the Prophet  and hence their love for Islam.

This book is suitable for ages 6 and above. 

About The Author

Dr. Muhammad Abdu Yamani was a highly regarded scholar having authored over 350 books on a multitude of topics. Beyond his vast knowledge of the deen— he was also an administrator, financier, and philanthropist. He was truly a citizen of the global village with a heart full of compassion for his community, his country, and humankind. 

Author: Dr. Muhammad Abdu Yamani
Translator: Hajj Abdalhaqq Bewley
Format(s): Paperback
Pages: 65
Publisher: Dar Al Taqwa
Published: 1995
Dimensions: 211 x 137 x 5 mm
ISBN10/ISBN13: 9781870582452

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