The Daily Revival: A Collection of Good Deeds That Have Been Largely Forsaken


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During your day there are many times when you are free and have nothing to do. Often, you will find yourself turning to your phone. Is there a better way to use that time?

When you are travelling, when you’re wedged in places and meetings you’d rather miss, there is an act of worship that you can do to use that time wisely. 

This concise, handy-sized book brings together 40 carefully selected reminders to revive your spirits and reignite your zeal to change an often dreary routine into one good action followed by another.

Each reminder will cultivate an inner belief or emotion, revive a daily habit, nurture a leadership technique or recuperate an otherwise neglected act of kindness. 

This book will reintroduce forgotten acts of worship in many aspects of your life.

Each 'forgotten' sunnah will take ~10 minutes to read, yet it gives great inspiration - as the author advises us how we can apply that sunnah in our modern, digital life today. 

This book will make a great gift for people who would like a quick, easy yet inspiring read. 

Author: Ali Hammuda
Format: Paperback
Pages: 181
 Tertib Publishing
ISBN: 9789672420828

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