Pocket Sejadah: The Portable Prayer Mat, Reinvented

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With the Pocket Sejadah™, you can be prepared for your daily prayers no matter where you are or what time it is. This innovative product features a unique design with a little side pocket that serves as a carry pouch for your prayer mat (sejadah). Simply fold and flip, and you're ready to go!

This exclusive product has been designed in Japan and can be comfortably folded into its attached side pocket, which measures just 10 by 18cm - even smaller than a regular A5 notebook! The Pocket Sejadah™ is made of lightweight, durable, and waterproof material, similar to what is used for outdoor tents and protective clothing. Wet grounds will not dampen its spirit, and stony pavements will not break its soul.

The Pocket Sejadah™ is inspired by Islamic design and geometry, making it both practical and stylish.


Product Specifications:

Mat Size: 60 x 114cm

Pouch Size: 10 x 18.3cm

Fabric: Waterproof Polyester

Colour choices: Black, Pink, Navy

Weight: 85g

* Please note that as an increasing commitment to the care for the environment, we will be phasing out the use of the zip bag plastic packaging used in previous models. Instead, you will receive new paper packaging that is as beautiful as it is careful about the impact on the environment.

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