The War Within Our Hearts


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This is not just another book about Muslim youth. It is a book by young Muslims for young Muslims, addressing issues such as media, music, dating, and drugs in a language that is their own. 

This book was written with the purpose of showing Muslim youth in the West that they are not alone in the problems they are facing today. As integration and assimilation to society is increasing within the Muslim community, youth are battling a variety of enemies that were not faced by their parents.

By recognizing that these problems are not unique to an individual but are common place for Muslim youth today, this book will address certain issues which would have otherwise been avoided. Although this book does not necessarily provide answers to all issues, the goal of this book is to provide a platform for us to begin dialogue on these issues in order to get closer to our Creator.

Suitable for ages: ~10-17 


An insightful volume that takes on many of the issues confronting Muslim youth in the West, sometimes with humor, often times with brutal frankness, but always with sound knowledge and great clarity.Imam Zaid Shakir, Zaytuna Institute, California

Author: Habeeb Quadri & Sa'ad Quadri
Format: Paperback
Pages: 183
Publisher: Kube
Publication Date: 2010
ISBN: 9781847740120
Dimensions: 140 x 216 x 22.86mm | 241g

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