Wake Up! It's the Ramadan Drummer


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Through lively rhymes and vibrant illustrations, children will learn about the importance of Suhoor and the Ramadan drummer tradition, which was once the heartbeat of many Muslim communities during Ramadan.

It’s Ramadan and Adam loves this special time of year, but there’s a growing problem; people in Adam’s neighbourhood are not waking up for the pre-fast meal (Suhoor) or the dawn prayer (Fajr).

Sadly they are forgetting these important early morning activities for Ramadan, which have now become a distant memory.

Can Adam’s father help to wake the people up in time by rising to the challenge of becoming the neighbourhood waker-upper, the Ramadan Drummer?

Can he find the courage to continue an ancient legacy in a modern city?

A humorous, feel-good story with a heart-warming message that celebrates cultural heritage, service to the local community and bravery during hard times.

Recommended Age: 4+

Author: Mariam Hakim
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Kube Publishing
ISBN: 9781916137134

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