A Handbook of Spiritual Medicine


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"A beautifully structured and well-presented work."
Mufti Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari, Director of the Institute of Islamic Jurisprudence (Darul Iftaa), Leicester, UK

This is a wonderful book! It is replete with beautiful diagrams, well laid out information and inspirational topics. An excellent investment in your self-development to be a better Muslim and human!

This large-sized handbook of tazkiyah or ‘self-purification’ illustrates the maladies of the human spiritual condition, it also recognises the struggles and insecurities we all succumb to from time to time, and offers the remedies too.

The antidotes to our ailments are drawn from Qur'anic verses and authentic ahadith (Prophetic sayings), to inspire mindfulness of Almighty Allah and His beloved Prophet ﷺ. 

The Importance of Spiritual Purification

Just as you seek the best medical treatment to avoid illnesses and improve your physical health and wellbeing, whether that be paracetamol to treat a headache or chemotherapy to treat cancer, your soul can also suffer from spiritual illnesses such as ghadab (anger), riya (showing off), takabbur (pride and arrogance), hasad (envy), lack of shukr (ingratitude), hubb al-jah (love of fame), hubb al-mal (love of wealth). 

Spiritual health is different to physical health. The diseases of the spiritual health can fester within you, without you being aware they are a problem. They can detrimentally affect your relationship with Allah SWT. 

Author: Ibn Daud
Format: Paperback
Pages: 278
Publisher: Ibn Daud Books
Publication Date: April 2021
ISBN: 9781838049218
Dimensions: 23 x 15 x 1.6cm

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