Al-Ghazzali On The Treatment Of Anger Hatred And Envy


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Al-Ghazzali discusses the roots of anger as well as how the treatment of anger is obligatory along with the causes of anger. In addition he describes hatred and envy, the harms of envy, its true nature, the treatment for envy and how envy must be uprooted from our hearts. This is Book XXIV of Part Three of the Alchemy of Happiness entitled The Destroyers.

About Imam Al-Ghazali

Imam Abu Hamid Muhammad Al-Ghazali was born in 450 AH (1058 A.D) in the Iranian town of Tus, studied Islamic law and theology at the Seljuq College in Nishapur, and became a distinguished professor at the famous Nizamiyya University in Baghdad.

Despite his glittering success, he was inwardly dissatisfied, so he abandoned his career for the life of hardship, abstinence and devotion to worship. During ten years of wandering, he experienced a spiritual transformation, in which the truth came to him at last, as something received rather than acquired. Blessed with an inner certainty, he then applied his outstanding faculties and vast learning to the task of revitalizing the whole Islamic tradition. Through his direct personal contacts, and through his many writings, he showed how every element in that tradition could and should be turned to its true purpose. Imam al-Ghazzali was fondly referred to as the "Hujjat-ul-lslam", Proof of Islam, he is honoured as a scholar by learned men all over the world. He passed away in 505 AH (1111 A.D).

Author: Imam Al-Ghazali
Translator: Muhammad Nur Abdus Salam
Format(s): Paperback
Pages: 32
Publisher: Kazi Publications
Published: 2002
Dimensions: 218 x 142 x 5 mm
ISBN10/ISBN13: 9781576446973

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