An Enjoyable Eid


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A remarkable Ramadan has passed,
May Allah accept our fast.
Now is the time to enjoy Eid,
Let’s perform the sunnah for good deeds!

An Enjoyable Eid’ contains a collection of sunnah taught by Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) through authentic hadith sources to celebrate Eid for the young and old.

Eid Sunnah included: 

    • Taking a Bath (ghusl) 
    • Eating before the Eid Prayer 
    • Eid Takbeerat 
    • PRaying Eid Prayer and listening to the Sermon 
    • Sending well wishes to others & what to say 
    • Taking a different route home 
    • Any du'as are sourced from verified ahadith.
    • They are written in Arabic, transliteration and with the English meaning. 

    Recommended Age: 3 - 10 years 

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    Author: Hanis Hanani Tahir 
    Illustrator: Tasya Nabiella 
    Format: Boardbook
    Pages: 12
    Publisher: Tertib
    Dimensions: 16 x 16 x 1cm
    ISBN: 9789672844020

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