Daily Dua Journal: Record, Reflect and Improve Your Supplications


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The Daily Dua Journal is a special journal for instilling the habit of asking Allah for His guidance daily. This is a wonderful way to formulate the routine of writing your prayers regularly. 


  • Your journal begins with some spirituality to motivate you to keep to your duas.
  • Each two-page spread has the morning and evening duas to prompt you to start and end your day with the appropriate adkhaar.
  • There are 7 text boxes with a place to write the date and titled, Dear Allah... as a prompt for you to write something you want to ask from God that day.
  • At the end of the journal is a space for your notes too!
  • This bullet-style Daily Dua Journal is perfect for Muslims and teens on the go who want to instil dua as a regular habit and in a simple way for maximum expression.
  • This Dua Journal covers 52 weeks so you have a full year's worth of use which is such value for money! 

A one-of-a-kind journal tailored for the Inspired Muslim adult and teen with a busy life who wants to set time to focus and achieve their dua goals successfully. Get your Daily Dua Journal today and begin your spiritual journey or send one as a gift

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Binding: Paperback, with a glossy cover
Pages: 110

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