Daily Wisdom: Sayings of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ


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This attractive presentation of the Prophet Muhammad's ﷺ teachings engages the reader in a moment of daily reflection.

With 365 ahadeeth (sayings or actions of the Prophet ﷺ) covering the whole year, Daily Wisdom explores Islamic morals and manners in aspects of everyday life.

Beautifully presented, this makes an ideal gift or a wonderful addition to your home!

Collect all the titles in the series: 

About the compiler

Abdur Raheem Kidwai is a professor of English at the Aligarh Muslim University in India. He is a well-known author of many works on the Qur'an and Islam. 

Compiler: Abdur Raheem Kidwai
Format: Hardback
Pages: ~400
Publisher: Kube
Publication Date: 2010
ISBN: 9781847740182
Dimensions: 12 x 19 x 3cm | 468g

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