Discover Your Child! The Book of 100 Questions: Ask, Listen, Understand, Record and Cherish

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‘Discover Your Child’ is a book that enables parents to record the feelings and thoughts of their children. The questions are designed to spark up an intimate dialogue between your child and you. They may be asked simply while eating, playing, during a car ride or waiting for a doctor’s appointment.

In the current times when we try to capture life with digital images, we tend to undermine the value of words. This book will help you ask the right questions to unlock the world your child lives in and understand his values, respect his ideas and know which course of the direction he or she is headed towards.

This book may surprise you as you discover your child’s thought pattern. It will give you an opportunity to re-align your communication and parenting style in accordance with how your child thinks.

It is imperative for every parent to learn that our present thoughts develop into future actions. Hence they hold precious value. The good ones need to be protected, nurtured and facilitated to grow. The child’s disturbing thoughts need to be addressed by the parent to fulfil the child’s needs and help him or her overcome fears and incorrect perceptions. So the parents have to work on themselves too.

Enjoy ‘Discover Your Child’ as:

  • a beautiful memento of childhood
  • a valuable means of nurturing your relationship
  • a precious keepsake when your kids fly
Content by: Rana Rais Khan
Publisher: Hiba Magazine
Pages: 109
Binding: Hardcover
Dimensions: 22 x 15 x 1.5cm

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