Green Deen: What Islam Teaches About Protecting the Planet


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Muslims are compelled by their religion to praise their Creator, pray, fast and give charity. But what is not widely known is that there are deep and long-standing connections between Islamic teachings and environmentalism. 

In this ground breaking book, Ibrahim Abdul-Matin draws on research, scripture and interviews with Muslims to trace Islam's profound dedication to humankind's collective role as stewards of the Earth. Abdul-Matin points out that the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ
declared that the Earth is a mosque.

'Deen' means 'way' in Arabic. Abdul-Matin offers dozens of examples of how Muslims can follow, and are already following, a Green Deen in four areas:

  • waste,
  • watts (energy),
  • water and
  • food

At last, people of all beliefs can appreciate the gifts and contributions that Islam and Muslims bring to the environmental movement.

About the author
Ibrahim Abdul-Matin is the co-founder of Green Squash Consulting, a management consulting firm based in New York that works with people, organizations, companies, coalitions and governments committed to equity and justice and specializes in dynamic strategic and focused stakeholder management and partnership development. He sits on the boards of the International Living Future Insititute, encouraging the creation of a regenerative built environment and Sapelo Square, whose mission is to celebrate and analyze the experiences of Black Muslims in the United States.
Abdul-matin's unique voice has helped elevate the environmental vision of Islam. 
Author: Ibrahim Abdul-Matin
Format: Paperback
Pages: 236
Publisher: The Islamic Foundation
ISBN: 9781847740403
Dimensions: 138 x 216 x 15mm 

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