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Halal Branding is a culturally-centric approach to championing branded lived experiences and intersectionality. Professor Wilson offers a nuanced and fresh philosophical approach - packed with branding toolkits, practical advice and a touch of creative flair, on how clusters of people, influenced by Muslims and Islam, can build authentic brands.

■ This book is written by an expert who has worked in academia and industry for over 20 years

■ It is for practitioners and academics

■ It is an alternative approach to branding made for today, even if you aren’t in the Halal space

■ It is packed with models and tool-kits that you can use

■ It is written in an easy to digest way - blending facts and theories with practical examples, humour, poetry, infographics, and memes

About the author

Professor Wilson is a multi award winning academic and partner of company Dragonfly Black - specialising in what he calls the ABCDs of Business and Culture: Advertising, Branding, Communications and Digital.

He has a BSc in Chemistry, MBA in Business and a PhD in Branding. He has published over 200 pieces of work and spoken at over 100 conferences worldwide. 

Author: Jonathan A.J. Wilson
Format: Paperback
Pages: 380
Published: 2018

Dimensions: 153 x 234 x 18 mm, 800g
ISBN: 9781905837571

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