Hurayrah the Cat: The Snake Catcher


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In a bustling oasis called Madinah a small tabby cat, Hurayrah, has lost his friend. The lonely Hurayrah sets out to find him and looks over the bazaar and on top of the mosque.

After searching high and low Hurayrah waits in the mosque, beside a resting man but with the appearance of a snake, Hurayrah must save the man in peril.

About the author

Farah Morley has lectured to diverse audiences, including the BBC, the internationally renowned Beyond the Border festival, the Quest Foundation, and the UK government. She has written and illustrated one other children's book, The Spider and the Doves.

Recommended Age: 2 - 10 years 
Author: Farah Morley
Format: Hardback
Pages: 32
Publisher: Islamic Foundation
Publication Date: 2014
ISBN: 9780860375869
Dimensions: 23 x 24 x 0.8cm

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