Istikharah Notepad: A Practical Tool to Decide With Barakah

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Are you struggling to make tough decisions? Look no further than the Istikharah Notepad. This invaluable tool will guide you through the decision-making process, allowing you to seek advice from others and goodness from Allah SWT through Istisharah and Istikharah.

Crafted with 50 sheets of 100% recycled paper, this practical notepad empowers you to make informed decisions in accordance with the teachings of Prophet Muhammad SAW. Whether you're faced with a major life decision or a simple choice, the Istikharah Notepad will infuse your decisions with Barakah, ensuring that you consistently make choices that align with your faith and values.

Don't let decision-making stress you out any longer. Invest in the Istikharah Notepad today and experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing you're making decisions with Allah SWT's guidance.

Learn more about good decision-making and the Istikharah Notepad here

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The 4 steps to successful decision-making (kindly taken from The Productive Muslim Company article hyperlinked above): 

1. Understand the decision: You need to ask yourself powerful questions that give you clarity and perspective on the decision at hand.
2. Seek counsel from people you trust or those who have more knowledge and experience than you and can give you good, sincere advice.
3. Pray the istikharah prayer and seek goodness and Barakah in your decision from Allah SWT.
4. Take action based on what your spiritual heart is inclined towards and trust Allah (Tawakkal) that He’ll give you what’s best even if things don’t work out your way.

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