Journey Through The Quran: An Overview of All 114 Chapters


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Journey Through the Quran: A textbook-style companion that will revolutionise your Quranic studies! This new Quran companion will assist you in your study of the words of Allah.

Journey Through the Quran is a modern presentation of all 114 surahs, to make it easy for anyone to become a student of the Quran. This book breaks every surah into sections, mind-maps, themes, key verses and selected vocabulary, so that English speakers can instantly familiarize themselves with the individual chapters of the Quran.

Journey Through the Quran is aimed at the English speaking audience, who are used to self-explanatory presentation of information. That is why this unique book contains:

  • Diagrams and mind-maps so you can SEE the facts. Ideal for visual learners!
  • Key stories, lessons and messages section: this makes you easily understand the objectives of every chapter and the meaning of Allah’s words.
  • Over 1000 Arabic words are translated so that you can start the journey towards learning the language of the Quran itself.
  • Quranic supplications are drawn out from the surahs so you can easily memorize them and implement them in your life. Quranic du'as are the most powerful way of asking Allah!
  • Key verses from each chapter in both Arabic and English, which highlight for you the most important ayaa of every surah, so they become instantly recognisable for you.
  • Hardback cover for a premium product and durability because you will be using this book very often!
Author: Sharif H. Banna
Format: Hardback
Pages: 536
Publisher: Claritas
Dimensions: 17 x 24 x 5cm
ISBN: 9781905884094

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