Learn All About Ramadan (Sawm)


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Learn everything you need to know about Ramadan! 


  • Clear explanations of what Ramadan is in a colourful, child-friendly format 
  • Labelled, colourful diagrams to explain key concepts of Ramadan, including: 
    • Sawm 
    • Suhoor
    • Iftaar
    • Qur'aan
    • I'tikaaf
    • Zakat Al Fitr
    • Obligatory, Dhuha and Night prayers (tahajjud/tarawih)
    • Three Ashra's (tenths) of Ramadan
    • Laylatul Qadr 
    • Shawwal & Eid al Fitr 
  • Hijri Calendar, Islamic Months and explanation of the moon cycle
  • Ramadan Keywords
  • Du'as of Ramadan (written in Arabic with transliteration and English meanings)
  • Ramadan Daily Planner Page
  • Eid Al Fitr Planner page with the Sunnah of Eid
  • Abundant Illustrations to aid memory retention of key facts 
  • Colourful, Interactive Activities to make learning fun, including
    • crosswords
    • mazes
    • spot the differences
    • create your own Eid Card page!
    • match the pictures
    • Ramadan Quizzes
    • Connect the dots 

The information in this book has been peer-reviewed by respected scholars and teachers with 10+ years of experience.  

This book complements the My Salah Mat Interactive Prayer Mat. 

Recommended Age: 5+ 

Author: My Salah Mat
Paperback, with full-colour pages and glossy cover
My Salah Mat
Dimensions: 27 x 21 x 3 cm

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