Mapping the Secular Mind: Modernity's Quest for a Godless Utopia


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The book challenges the foundations of secular ideology to argue that its aspirations have deeply transformed human consciousness and man. 

The secular mind had a grand plan: to establish an earthly paradise, a utopia of the here and now, a modern civilization governed by human reason, rationality, and the triumph of progress.
Whilst ideals are one thing, the means to realize them is something else. Away from the hype, emancipating humanity from the ‘shackles’ of God and religion has proved no easy matter.
Mapping the Secular Mind critically examines issues of reason, rationality, and secular materialism, to explore how these mental perceptions, or ways of mapping the world, have affected human interaction and sociological norms. 

Author: Haggag Ali
Format: Paperback
Pages: 210
Publisher: IIIT
ISBN: 9781565645936
Dimensions: 15 x 23 x 2cm, 344g

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