Performing Salah Using the Prophetic Example - Summary Edition


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About The Book

This is a simpler edition that is designed for the common Muslims who only want to know the final conclusions with minimal evidence without delving into detail evidence and discussions.

This Summary Edition is an abridged and simplified version of the main book that describes the performance of the salah - the Islamic prayer - based on the Prophetic example. The main book is perhaps the first attempt in the English language that collects all the authentic hadiths on each aspect of the performance of the salah - be that a physical movement or what is recited in it - then groups them together, allowing the reader to see the exact practice of the Prophet (s).

Each aspect was dealt with in a thorough manner without any preconceived opinion so that the reader is satisfied that the conclusion arrived on a given topic is what becomes naturally evident from the comprehensive evidence that is presented. Additionally, having all the sahih hadiths in front of him/her helps the reader to see which actions in the salah may be done in one most authentic way, which ones in multiple ways, and when there are choices, which option was more commonly practiced by the Prophet (s).
The main book is intended for the serious students who seek in-depth evidence for each topic while the Summary Edition is a simple-to-read small book that is designed for the common Muslims who only want to know the final conclusions with minimal supporting evidence. 
Author: M. Mushfiqur Rahman
Format(s): Paperback
Pages: 166
Publisher: Fitrah Press
Published: 2015
Dimensions: 229 x 152 x 10 mm
ISBN10/ISBN13: 9781943108022

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